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Due to the situation surrounding the pandemic,

all in person Friends of the Alphabet events have been cancelled.

But as disappointing as that may sound, members can look forward to convening for General Meetings/Programs and Workshops via the Zoom Platform! 

FREE to all Guild members

Calligraphy on Ice

Monday, March 22, 2021

7 – 9 p.m.

On-line with Andrea Alvarez Reno

At the intersection of Calligraphy and Cookies, you will find our first Guild sponsored program of 2021.  Yes, that is right, this is a delicious freebie for you!

This is NOT a cookie decorating class, this is a class especially for calligraphers, by a calligrapherAndrea Reno will provide us with recipes and much helpful information for making outstanding cookies, but in the workshop, we will look at how we calligraphers can write with icing.

If you haven’t already checked out Andrea Reno’s luscious work, go to her website at www.andreareno.com

Andrea has presented this workshop to the Chicago Calligraphy Collective.  She made a video on Instagram and FB with Royal Icing instructions. The link is below.

 (whenever she says Chicago Calligraphy Collective, think instead FotA 😊 )

All supplies can be found at Michael’s or at Andrea’s favorite bakery supplies links below.

A handout with supplies, recipes and suppliers is found on the Members Only page.

We will video tape the Workshop, so you will have access to it for a month.

Need not have cookies to watch the video, if you just make the icing

You can practice on parchment paper.  But why not have cookies, every letter guaranteed delicious!

These are the links to Andrea's videos on her social media platforms:

Instagram: @arenocalligraphycakes 


Facebook: Andrea Reno Calligraphy & Cakes 




notes from Andrea:  On the Facebook group, the majority of the audience is Hispanic so you will find videos in both Spanish and English. 

                                     The videos you will find are for making royal icing and another one for making royal icing flowers. The royal icing flowers video is not part of the class, but it is there if someone wants to give it a try.

                                   Please remind everyone it is not necessary to have iced cookies for class, because they can practice on parchment paper, but it definitely makes it more fun to have them.

I hope you will join us Monday March 22 at 7 p.m.!!


March Program and Meeting Via Zoom

Monday, March 8th, 2021

7:00PM - 9:00PM

We are pleased to announce that

former White House Calligrapher Extraordinaire

Pat Blair

will give a presentation at our

March 8, 2021 program.


During her tenure as the Chief White House Calligrapher, Pat had served our three past presidents (George W. Bush Jr., Barack Obama & Donald J. Trump).

Pat will share a slide show of her work, as she talks about her experiences as the Chief White House Calligrapher.

If time permits, Pat may be able to do a brief demonstration for us. 


This will be a Zoom meeting.  The meeting room will open a few minutes before 7:00 pm for meet and greet, and then some guild business.  Pat's program should begin at 7:30 pm.  Hope to see you there!

(ZOOM invite will be sent to guild members the morning of the meeting)​

Click HERE for details on the MEETINGS page!



You can check out her website: http://www.ginajonascalligrapher.com/


Click here for ART WORK from previous workshops.



The workshop chair is putting together an exciting list of Zoom workshops for 2021! Details to follow. 

See Workshop Schedule Page for more information


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